Whitechapel – “Our Endless War”


Whitechapel – “Our Endless War” (Metal Blade Records)

The saw is the law! Tennessee deathcore crew Whitechapel are back in what must be their most mature and certainly polished album to date. Despite their trademark aggro core vocals courtesy of Phil Bozeman, extensive monotone and blast beats, “Our Endless War” really does roll smoothly like a well oiled machine! Songs like ‘Let Me Burn’, ‘Psychopathy’ and ‘Mono’ meld into one another like melted butter but moreover, there is a strong groove throughout that soon gets you into its possessing mosh pit beat thanks to a heavy djent element in the guitars that roar like industrial saws while alternating at strategic moments to incorporate smart n catchy melodies. At times Bozeman’s vocals are almost rapping and many of the songs have a slower tempo but all works a treat in repeating those excellent heavy grooves that really got my blood pumping! In prior releases Whitechapel’s brutality has been expected but its abrasiveness has been hard to swallow at times, but on this album the band have really developed their song writing to harness and channel that fearsome beast into an attack dog that kills on their command. With an excellent, polished sound provided once again by Mark Lewis that does nothing to detract from the band’s extreme style, Whitechapel have also brought back Aaron Marsh on the cover art who introduced a new logo taking the band into their next and potentially higher level. Whilst closing the chapter for some in the Whitechapel book I cannot recommend this album more for its growth and evolution – and if you’ve not heard deathcore before or have been put off by it in the past then I urge you to get this!

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