Whitechapel – “Recorrupted”

“Recorrupted” EP
(Metal Blade Records)

TN’s deathcore crew are on tour right now, so just to kick us in the groove, Whitechapel have issued this limited edition EP. And quite an interesting l’il puppy it is too! Comprising a brand new track in ‘Section 8’, the band then give us a deathcore take on Pantera’s ‘Strength Beyond Strength’, which although more extreme in Whitechapel’s style of sound, I still found less heavy than Dimebag & co (at least when they were at their peak). “Recorrupted” then gets even more interesting by providing alternative mixes to ‘Breeding Violence’, which is dance beat orientated ‘Big Chocolate’ style, and a weird Ben Weinman remix of ‘This Is Exile’ which is pseudo industrial with lots of creepy samples and noises. Closing it all is an acoustic (yes that’s correct) version of ‘End of Flesh’ with Spanish guitar that works so well I would dare anyone not familiar with the regular song to recognize it as deathcore in its origin. Either way, an excellent little EP that can only add to an existing fan’s collection or raise a few eyebrows from the unconverted!

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