Whitechapel – “The Somatic Defilement”

Whitechapel – “The Somatic Defilement” REISSUE (Metal Blade Records)

Talk about tying up loose ends – being their debut originally released on Candleshite back in 2007 I guess this one musta been stuck deep in the throats of Phil Bozeman and his boys. Since then this Tennessee death core crew have gone onto bigger things so they’ve had “The Somatic Defilement” completely re-mastered and re-mixed to bring it right up to speed with the band’s more recent releases. Right from the off it’s certainly louder and all the instruments are certainly more clearer, from their raw riffing to their experimental warbling licks as well as Bozeman’s own grunts and quasi pig squeals. More importantly this reissue has a more expanded sound although Audiohammer’s Mark Lewis hasn’t taken away any of their blast beat brutality, but rather made it even more in your face, thus conveying the true horror of Jack The Ripper (whom this album is conceptually based on) through extreme songs like ‘Vicer Exciser’, ‘Devirgination Studies’ and ‘Ear To Ear’. I guess Whitechapel could’ve added some bonus material to make this an even more appetizing purchase for those on starvation rations right now, but for anyone lacking this debut in their collection this is worthy enough to shelve out for.

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