Whores – “Gold”


Whores – “Gold” (Steamhammer / SPV)

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Ha ha, I mean, what a name! So incredibly obvious and yet no band has dared themselves be called by it. Not so this Atlanta noise rock trio. Part of the new generation of volume frenzied muthas like Nails and Mantar spawned by the likes of Helmet and the Melvins, Whores also incorporate a massively heavy fuzz sound in Christian Lembach’s guitar completed by droning feedback so probably take in a whole lot of stoners and sludge worshipers into their freak circus. Formed in 2010, they are now an established act thanks to some acclaimed EPs and a fearsome amount of touring throughout the US with bands such as Red Fang, Torche, Iron Reagan, Deafheaven, Black Tusk, Floor, Retox, Kylesa, The Atlas Moth, Zozobra, Royal Thunder, Fight Amp, Lo Pan, Coliseum, Obliterations – not mention festivals like SXSW, Spillover Fest and Fun Fun Fun Fest! Logically following, “Gold” is their debut and doesn’t disappoint, fulfilling both fan and band desires to accurately capture their intense live sound. Oozing the group’s punk ethos and drenched in primal noise, songs like ‘Playing Poor’, ‘Charlie Chaplin Routine’ and ‘Bloody Like The Day You Were Born’ are certainly played with the violent malice befitting the underground authenticity from which they were birthed. Yet, what truly makes “Gold” what it says on the tin is the incredible accessibility of the material thanks to skillful song arrangements, monster grooves – and we’re talking big f–kin waves here – as well as a welcoming vibe rather than the expected kick in the face. Its easy to see why Whores have garnered so much attention as one of the best new acts in the noise rock scene dishing out bad vibes but good times.

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