WICKED DISCIPLE ”Salvation Of decline”

”Salvation Of decline”

Battle Helm Rating

This is a side project for Black Messiah’s Donar. And this is nothing like Black Messiah at all. As it should be. This is much more heavy metal than anything else. But heavy metal that take its cues from the heaviness of a band like Black Sabbath with Dio. Not that the vocals are anything like Dio’s But it gives you an idea of what kind of heavy we are speaking about. I gotta say that I did not expect anything from this but it turned out to impress me. I like the fact that it is heavy and with a nod or two to the older bands. Yeah, I know. I live too much in the past but when you find a style you like it is hard to let go of it. This is a mighty impressive debut album. Anders Ekdahl

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