Wicked Snakes – “Lead Me To The Sun”

Wicked Snakes – “Lead Me To The Sun” EP (A Wolf At Your Door Records)

It’s amazing what a name change can do. Formerly known as The Orchard, this British post hardcore crew sensibly changed their handle to the darker Wicked Snakes which is more in line with their style of anguished trippy rock. Don’t be fooled by the Billy Talent like opener of ‘A Ceremony’ – even if it’s a ripper – cos Luke Davis’s hard, gritty vocals match the equally moody licks of guitarist David McQueen in delivering chunks of raw noise on dark little ditties like ‘Death Note’ and ‘Cold Heart’. At times Wicked Snakes are even slithering their way into the down tuned dirge of sludge rock on ‘Choirs’ but McQueen skilfully laces the hate with melodies that sparkle like jewels on a blood splattered pavement. Hypnotic, melancholic, savage yet suave, Wicked Snakes have arrived and are upon us….

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