Widow – “Life’s Blood”

“Life’s Blood”
(Pure Steel Records)

These guys are from North Carolina, yet play a distinct early 80s style of true metal that has its roots in Europe be it through early Iron Maiden, Scorpions and a hint of Judas Priest. There’s also a strong neo classical element and as such they have already been christened by the likes of Metal Hammer as one of the leaders of the ‘New Wave of Traditional Metal’. Well, original it ain’t but true it certainly is when listening to songs like ‘I Scream for Ice Queen’, ‘Take Hold of the Night’ and ‘Lady Twilight’ that excellently combine melody with heavy in perfect harmony. I haveta say it’s surprisingly refreshing to hear this from a US band as most of the purveyors of this retro style are typically European. However, Widow are clearly making their mark having performed countless shows including Kansas City Power Metal Festival, Rocklahoma and have traveled to Germany for the Sword Brothers Festival IX in 2010, so be prepared to hear more from these guys!

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