WIDOWS “Oh Deer God”

“Oh Deer God”
(UMC Recordings)

Battle Helm Rating

As I am a TV/film nerd I do remember a TV-series called Widows from back in the days. I liked that show a lot. I really hope that I’m gonna like this WIDOWS as much too. Upon deeper reflection you are nit wrong in assuming g that a band named WIDOWS would be an all female band but you couldn’t be more wrong as this is a bunch of hairy dudes playing music together. To my ears this sounds like a bunch of punks playing stoner rock. There is that feel to it. Not that it anything wrong with that. On the contrary. English Dogs did a bloody great job at being a metal band. Sacrilege turned out to be a more than decent metal band. This is stoner that is on the heavier side of things. There is a slight Wolverine-Entombed groove to this album but mostly it is just heavy as fuck. Not the kind of music I’d take drugs to. Not that I take drugs at all. This turned out to be a really cool trip down heavy stoner lane. Anders Ekdahl

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