Wild Frontier – “2012”

Wild Frontier – “2012” (Prime Entertainment)

Inspired by the late Gary Moore’s 1987 namesake album, Wild Frontier were formed in Germany over 22 years ago to play melodic hard rock in the style of his passionate music. Well, that may have been the case back then, but the band have undergone quite a few changes over the years and after a promising start in ‘To The End Of The World’ things start to really mellow out to almost pop levels on the likes of ‘Why Don’t You Save Me’ – no thanks LOL! I’m not entirely certain for this departure, perhaps the band are trying to offer a range of songs from their career but the lighter material doesn’t really do it for me, included the cover of Abba’s ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ which may have been intended as tongue in cheek but appears to have backfired. Thankfully, “2012” closes respectably with the likes of ‘Long Gone’ which typifies the genre with crunching guitars and rock out vocals, while ‘Why Are The Good Things Too Hard To Find’ is like an excellent mix of Moore and Journey so why Wild Frontier couldn’t produce more of these seems to be reflected in the latter’s poignant title.

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