Wild – “Sin Piedad”

Wild – “Sin Piedad” (Fighter Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

Citing themselves ‘..one of Spain’s finest heavy metal acts..’ might be seen like quite a boast, but in Wild’s case it’s more than justified by this truly impressive release! Formed in 2002 and now onto their 3rd album, “Sin Piedad” is a true heavy metal album in every sense, flat out with balls but equally plenty of passionate throughout. Vocalist José García, who looks like a cross between Glenn Danzig and Blaze Bayley, has plenty of screaming power and matching soul resulting in a very epic and not to mention stylish performance throughout the 10 splendid tracks here. Equalling him in every regard are the rest of Wild, from the dexterous twin guitars of Javier Pastor and Jaime Núñez with plenty of crunching riffs and screaming solos but also tons of melody clearly inspired by Maiden, along with a heavy rhythm especially in the batería of Niko Fernández! It all results in excellent material, unpretentious nor ‘retro’ but authentic and catchy in all the true aspects of heavy metal from the chugging ‘Todo o Nada’ with García’s soaring vocals hitting all the right highs to the epic majesty of ‘Circo Virtual’ culminating in the furious ‘Venganza’ with its raging guitars and Juanma Castaño’s ballsy bajo going into overdrive along with Fernández’s double bass drumming. Macho with melody, these matadors of metal truly live up to their name on “Sin Piedad”!

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