Wildside Riot – “No Second Take”

Wildside Riot – “No Second Take” (Cargo Records)

Fronted by the outrageous Godfather of Glam – the one and only Rocky Shades (ex Wrathchild) – Wildside Riot are the next dirt n sleaze installment in this vivacious front man’s career! Taking his life’s learnings Rocky lays it all out on songs like ‘Glitter Tramps’, ‘Fukk Em’ and ‘There Is A Bullet For Each Of You’ (undoubtedly dedicated to his former band mates lol) that are a mixture of trash rock, rock n roll and even (Dave Lee) Roth rock: shake it baby vandal vocals, dirty rock guitar and riotous rhythm. I gotta hand it to this guy that he hasn’t retired yet but still wants to party and that’s the love of life this guy has – not worrying about the rock n roll hall of fame, but wreckin anything and everything before coming back for more!

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