I am not one to back down if the music is too weird. My personality allows me to like almost everything. I have the ability to find anything good in almost everything. It has to be really bad for me to not like it. Wilt don’t seem to be the band that will bring me this year’s greatest disappointment. This is the atmospheric, wintry black metal you’d expect from a band trapped in the Canadian countryside during the cold months of the year. This is the kind of stuff that is hard to get right if you live in a sunny and sun drenched place but oh so great when you actually feel the cold biting hard at your bones. And even though I live in part of Sweden that doesn’t get the same kind of winters as those in the north I still get the winter blues. And there is no better cure than this kind of black metal. Wilt fits like the proverbial glove to my winter depression. Anders Ekdahl

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