WINDTHROW “Treacherous Beckonings”

“Treacherous Beckonings”

Battle Helm Rating

It is really nice when bands want to send me stuff for free. That to me means that what I do matters. So when Sweden’s WINDTHROW wanted to send me the album I was thrilled as fuck. First if all because it is released on vinyl but also because I have only seen good things being said about the album, and that made me wanting to check it out for myself. This is the kind of metal that follows in the footsteps of Bathory yet carves a path all its own. This is what I would like to call a Bathory-ian atmospheric black metal album. As with all kinds of music there are degrees. This is not the most melancholic and depressive album I’ve heard but it still has enough melancholy to keep me happy. This one turned out to be as good as I had hoped it would be. A really cool album that will fill it’s space in my collection really well. Anders Ekdahl

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