WINTERBLUT ”Seid furchtbar und zerstöret Euch!”

”Seid furchtbar und zerstöret Euch!”
(Nihilistische KlangKunst)

Battle Helm Rating

I gotta say that Nihilistische KlangKunst has quickly grown into a fave label as of recently. The stuff I have so far heard has all been top notch and I have no reason to doubt that WINTERBLUT won’t be. Having started out as more traditional German black metal the band has since then turned away from it to a more dissonant and experimental form. I can but agree. The first track on this album felt like one long journey to hell. Dissonant and eerie as fuck it took me into the universe that is WINTERBLUT. I have no problems with stuff that aren’t the usual traditional music. I can appreciate all kinds of different artistic expressions. This album has an aura of tragedy over it. In a way it feels like a sort of seance. A summoning of sorts. Perhaps THE album for the true cvlt die hard black metal fan instead of an album for the average black metal fan. I do like the vibe this album creates. This was a very interesting release. Anders Ekdahl

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