Winters – “Berlin Occult Bureau”

Winters – “Berlin Occult Bureau” (Van Records)

Van are the kinda label that seem to always send me something different to the norm – and Winters is my next challenge! Self described as ‘…like Ace Frehley on downers…’ I guess that isn’t too far from the truth given they’ve even named a song after the man. Musically Winters are a mixed bag owing as much to The Damned as to Kiss and The Beatles but that probably doesn’t tell you very much. But listening to songs like ”Auslander’, ‘On Your Street Again’ and ‘Run Run Run Run’ their trance hypnotic vocals meld with raw ugly guitar noise and a heavy depressing rhythm that could easily relate to anyone into doom, noise, post hardcore – or just plain hate. But what really strikes me is that this lot aren’t from some inner city gutter but Scotland’s wealthy Aberdeen and even look totally normal (if a little on the old side). Guess it’s always the quiet ones….or I have the wrong band lol.

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