WINTERS VERGE “Beyond Vengeance”

“Beyond Vengeance”
I simply love epic metal. I think that Italian Doomsword is one of the better bands in this whole epic metal sub-genre. I can’t get enough of them. Winters Verge can hopefully match Doomsword giving me a new favourite. I really feel like I need a shot of something epic. The grander the better. But I’m sorry to say so. Winters Verge cannot match Doomsword song for song. This is pretty much standard power metal. Nothing bad about that but not the epic metal I kinda hoped for. This is epic in a whole different league. And while I like this for what it is I’m still looking for that band to match Doomsword. Winters Verge have a progressive edge to their power metal. All in all this puts a smile on my face. I love this kind of power metal. There is a other worldly feel to it. Almost like you are in a fantasy land. Think early Rhapsody or any other Underground Symphony band and you get my drift. Anders Ekdahl

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