Winterthrone – “The Godslayer”

Winterthrone – “The Godslayer” (Frozen Sun Records)

This one man German project takes me back to the early days of Black Metal with Burzum, Emperor and Dark Throne: underground production and even rawer playing complemented by distant vocal drawls and shrieks. However, Winterthrone have upped the ante by the use of some classy keyboards that not only provide haunting atmospherics, but also big up the sound to an almost symphonic level so that songs like ‘Grave Of Thousand Souls’, ‘The Throne’ and ‘Triumph And Emptiness’ take on almost epic proportions. With exquisitely packaged limited edition vinyl pressings, Teutonic artwork and desperately little information on the band adding to the mystique, the cult of Winterthrone successfully carries the torch of underground black metal into the new era!

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