Wishing Well – “Rat Race”

Wishing Well – “Rat Race” (Inverse Records) 

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Excellent – if you’re a fan of classic rock along the lines of Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow and Dio during their classic eras then Wishing Well from Chile serve it up plenty on this impressive sophomore! Following just a coupla years since their debut, “Rat Race” features the awesome voice of one Rafael Castillo, who’s more than able to hit the highs as well as resonate plenty of passion across the 10 tracks here. Backed up by the pumped Hammond organ of Arto Teppo, the material just flows thanks to the incredible musicianship on show here – and not in the least the sterling guitar work of Anssi Korkiakoski, the mastermind and songwriter of the band. From the heart breaking ‘Falling Out Of Love’ with its incredibly emotive chorus that just holds you while the Hammond and guitars lay in even more to fast opener ‘Wheeling And Dealing’ with its pumped melodies backed by double bass drumming a la Cozy Powell you know just where these guys are rooted as Teppo and Korkiakoski duel it out intensely like Carey and Blackmore on Rainbow’s “Onstage”! Along with the arabic violin on ‘Pilgrim Caravan’ comes a slower if no less epic groove with plenty of swanky guitar as Castillo’s sultry tones whisk you off on an exotic journey of your own before a series of utterly heart breaking solos from Korkiakoski sends you straight to heaven as the song reaches incredible climax. And man, it just continues on title track ‘Rat Race’ as all the instruments exude even more soaring passion as they skillfully trade off one another while showcasing their individual contributions but always converging to create that hugely memorable chorus. A truly impressive release from a band that I’d never heard of before, Wishing Well will play a mini tour in Finland in April 2018, supporting Doogie White and with the talent on show here, will most definitely take these guys to the next level!

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