WITCHE’S BREW “Against The Grain”

“Against The Grain”
(Black Widow Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Witches and covens and rituals and whatnot have always been a large part of the heavy metal culture. Which means that we’ve seen more than our share of bands with the word witch in its names, but somehow that doesn’t get old or stale. Could it have to do with all the fairy tales we were told as kids (Hansel and Gretel etc.)? And with band name like that I expect this to at least be doomy heavy metal. Now I wouldn’t call this heavy metal. It is more like 70s bluesy hardrock. At bit like Jimi Hendrix. Throw in a bit of southern rock too and even my feet starts tapping. If you have an aversion to that kinda sound then stay the hell away from this album. If you on the other hand can’t get enough of that kinda stuff then you’ll have your field day with this album. Anders Ekdahl

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