WITCHES MARK “Witching Metal Ritual”

”Witching Metal Ritual”
(Heaven & Hell)
WITCHES MARK sounds to me like a death metal band. Or perhaps a black metal band. But since it is Heaven & Hell that releases this one I honestly don’t know what to think. This could be any sort of metal really. And not that I care since I love metal period, I still wonder if I’ll be blown away by this. This is thrash metal the way it was played by bands like Nuclear Assault or Razor back in the days. This is old school with being old and tired. It was cool in 1988. This is still cool stuff in 2013. If you like you thrash with a melodic edge this will wet your appetite. There is something to this album that makes it hard to resist it. If you have the slightest interest in thrash this will be to your liking. I know it is to mine. Anders Ekdahl

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