Witchfynde – “The Lost Tapes Of 1975”

Witchfynde – “The Lost Tapes Of 1975” (Vyper Records)

Another band given fame thru Lars Ulrich’s NWOBHM collection with their 1980 album “Give ‘Em Hell”, truth be told this British band had been going since 1975 well before heavy metal had probably been invented as a term! Comprised of vocalist Steve Bridges, lead guitarist Montalo, bassist Andro Coulton and drummer Gra Scoresby who went on to record their aforementioned debut, Witchfynde’s beginnings were very different although typical of their time comprising mid 70s heavy Brit rock mixed with the remnants of psychedelia and prog from the early 70s judging by the likes of the exotically titled ‘Madame Noname’, and especially in Bridges hypnotic vocals on the epic 10 minute ‘Slowdown’ and Montalo’s far out soloing on ‘Valkyrian Ride’. Dug out from the crypts by Coulton, “The Lost Tapes Of 1975” is the original 5 track master tape recorded in a one take session brought back to life thanks to the re-mastering of Belladona’s Dani Macchi (who also happens to be a lifelong Witchfynde fan!). Together with a 1977 2 track master including an unreleased version of ‘Tetelestai’, this really does take us back thru the mists of time as many of today’s sounds and even styles can be heard in the pioneering sounds of a band who way ahead of their time. A definite collectors item for Witchfynde fans, early occult / doom rock fans and anyone into the 70s wanting an original slice of it hear – tape stretching an’ all!

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