With the Dead – “Love From With the Dead”

With the Dead – “Love From With the Dead” (Rise Above Records)

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Question: how do top the heaviness of With The Dead’s self titled debut? Answer: make an even heavier album!!!! A veritable super group formed by doom lords Lee Dorrian (Cathedral / Napalm Death) and Tim Bagshaw (Electric Wizard / Ramesses) only 3 years ago, needless to say they’ve already made their mark on the undead world and with this astounding follow up, things are only set to fall off the Richter scale! Joined now by ex Cathedral bassist Leo Smee and drummer Alex Thomas (Bolt Thrower), “Love From With the Dead” was recorded in 2 one take recording sessions, reflecting the electric performances that are nothing short of shit heavy!! Bagshaw’s guitar is so packed with reverb and down tuned I would be amazed if it actually survived the album, probably rotting from sheer exhaustion wrought on its skeletal frame and when added to by Smee’s colossal distorted bass, the beyond lead heaviness of this musical graveyard cannot be understated through songs like ‘Egyptian Tomb‘, ‘Reincarnation of Yesterday’ and ‘Cocaine Phantoms‘. With the star quality of band omnipresent, the 7 tracks exude the talent on show here through the simple but savage power of the riffs which in themselves are enough to evoke haunting atmospherics but are made all the more depressive by Dorrian’s tormented vocals. An utterly shattering album in every sense be it from its overbearing negativity to its overloading nihilism, “Love From With the Dead” is without doubt the doom metal album of the year.

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