Within Destruction – “From The Depths”

Within Destruction – “From The Depths” (Noiseheadrecords)

The little known country of Slovenia is reputedly one of the most beautiful in Eastern Europe – the last place you’d expect for an extreme metal band like Within Destruction! Just a coupla years old, this young band have certainly mastered the trademark sounds of a number of extreme styles from hyperspeed precision drumming to alternating guttural /screech vocals with the odd Chris Barnes cannibalistic shrill chucked in for good measure. However, what brings this band to life are the heaps of guitar melodies that also come in from the black, death and extreme metal scenes chucked in by the barrel load on songs like ‘King Of Serpents’, ‘The Price Of Heresy’ and ‘While She Was Dying’. It’s by no means original but it certainly is a fine start in style from which to go onto bigger things!

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