Witness The Fall – “Witness The Fall”

Witness The Fall – “Witness The Fall” EP (www.facebook.com/witnessthefall)

This is an excellent little EP released by this unknown Scottish band, who have sadly lost a coupla members since, so even if this is the last we hear from ’em, a fine short lived legacy they’ve left behind! Essentially mixing the passionate melodic death of In Flames with an aggro core style especially in Nels vocals, WTF play a brutal, yet palatable style on songs like ‘Victory’, ‘The Tragedy Of Man’ and ‘Righteous Kill’. Best of all, there seems to be a natural feel to the material, with nothing contrived, as reflected in the band’s no plan, gimmicks or scene BS, but just a buncha guys getting offa their asses to do what they love best, writing some kick ass music about things that meant something and letting everyone else know that they enjoyed doing it!

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