Wizardthrone – “Hypercube Necrodimensions”

Wizardthrone – “Hypercube Necrodimensions” (Napalm Records)
Battle Helm Rating
The debut from a new super group by members of Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Aether Realm, Forlorn Citadel and Nekrogoblikon, “Hypercube Necrodimensions” also features guest appearances from Aleksi Munter (Swallow The Sun), Florian Magnus Maier (Dark Fortress) and Evan Berry (Wilderun) in this epic blend of death, power and symphonic black metal. Traversing vivid sci-fi multiverses in the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft (according to the band), the 8 bountiful tracks are certainly busy and bombastic as they take on their ambitious stylistic mixes, along with some impressive technicality all brought to life thanks to the massive orchestral sound instantaneously enveloping the listener! While the concept may take a bit to sink into the grey matter, there’s no doubting the ecstatic effect of the music as ‘Forbidden Equations Deep Within the Epimethean Wasteland’ wails in with its beautiful guitar melodies before speeding off with Christopher Bowes’ (Alestorm) angelic church organ keys unto epic power glory with Vincent Jones (Aether Realm) drawling and screeching, bass in tow, as the majesty of dancing instruments plays its hand superbly accompanied by heavenly choirs and Eric Brown’s (Nekrogoblikon) powerful percussion. Imperiously marching in before chopping and chundering off on the black death of ‘The Coalescence of Nine Stars in the System Once Known as Markarian-231’, the trading guitars of Myk Barber (Gloryhammer) and Matthew Bell (Forlorn Citadel) are awesome in their technicality while adding their own speedy passion into the already intense mix topped off exquisitely by symphonic delights and operatic choirs. Going into power metal hyperspeed on ‘Hypercube Necrodimensions’, the album’s shortest track, all the instruments unload in a blur of epic melodies for an incredible race to the finish that will leave you out of breadth but not unmoved by the passion unbound as Wizardthrone cram in everything their collective talents can muster on this superb release – it’s all here folks.
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