Woland – “Hyperion”


Woland – “Hyperion” (Indie Recordings)

Woland are a post Black Metal band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Formed in 2010, Woland released a double single called ‘Conquer All & Live Forever’ in February 2011 for the Finnish Metal Expo. Since then, they’ve concentrated on writing this album, which was also recorded in band’s own studios to give them maximum creative control. Using modern black metal as their foundation, Woland have kept the aggression and harshness whilst simultaneously polished it to remove its rawness and crudity. On top of this they’ve added other influences from orchestral pieces to ambient aspects and powerful metallic clanging melodies to create an eclectic, yet incredibly style powerful both in the audible sense as well as an emotional one. Delicate pianos bring a brilliant contrast to walls of cascading noise smashing into you on songs like ‘Honey In the Lion’, ‘None’ and ‘Extacy and Rapture’ the last of which features 3 different guest vocalists in Geir Bratland, Mathias Lillmåns and Janica Lönn. Of course, it’s all well n good experimenting ad infinitum, but where Woland have truly succeeded in my book is to make their material accessible and dare I say it, catchy in its own right with even beats and grooves manifesting themselves amidst the chaotic furor. With a challenging new sound, Woland are the other side of the black metal coin and without doubt one of the most talked about bands in the underground right now.

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