Wolfcrusher – “Virgin Tapestry”

Wolfcrusher – “Virgin Tapestry” (Casket Records)

Well, after the hideous Wolfmother, Wolfcrusher thankfully show that they mean bad business, even if what they do ain’t no virgin tapestry! Actually hailing from Manchester, England, this 5 piece play metalcore with a strong groove taking in Clutch, Black Label Society and even the mighty Crowbar in places. What this gives them on songs like ‘Skeletonizer’, ‘Moving Mountains’ and ‘All Shall Pass’ is an added heavy tone that also allows the music to flow effortlessly between one style and the next, so that Gary Harkin’s vocals for example are soulful in a mellow backdrop, before the crushing brutality rolls in the next or even alternates into a cool shakin groove. Add in some reverb and feedback and Wolfcrusher live up to their name, if not the cool cow’s skull on their cover!

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