WOLFHEART “Winterborn”

For some reason I find great pleasure in albums released by the bands themselves. Don’t know what it is about the DIY ethics that I like but I feel a great pride in receiving them. As with WOLFHEARTS album. I’m proud to be able to review it. I find it a bit awkward when central European bands are obsessed with winter. Not that they aren’t allowed but we who lives up north know that winter can be a bitch. But it can also be so bloody beautiful that you eyes tears, and then freeze the hell away. WOLFHEART, as familiar as the name sounds, is what I think my first encounter with this one man project. If pressed to put a label on this I’d go with death metal with a slight dark metal touch. Kinda in the Dissection school of doing things. This is pretty awesome actually. The kind of record I wish I had on CD because it would fit perfectly in my shelf right next to Dissection and Amon Amarth, but on the harder side. Anders Ekdahl

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