Wolfsbane – “Wolfsbane Save The World”

Wolfsbane – “Wolfsbane Save The World” (www.wolfsbanehms.com)

Famed thru singer Blaze Bayley after he joined Maiden back in the 90s, Wolfsbane had a short if illustrious life of 3 albums before finally impoding in 1994. Now, 17 years on, Blaze has rejoined the original line up and this self produced album of ‘don’t give a fuckery’ is the result – and a fine effort it is too! Engineered by guitarist Jase Edwards, the first real challenge after so long must’ve been of recapturing the band’s classic sound of traditional British rock mixed in with a healthy dose of Brit eccentricity. Thankfully, Wolfsbane have plenty of British pride and haven’t let the side down with all the band showing fine form on songs like ‘Blue Sky’, ‘Live Before I Die’ and ‘Did It For The Money’. With the country going thru hard times and so many things wrong, Wolfsbane have sensibly stuck to the basics and play it like the HMSs (that’s Howling Mad Shitheads) that we know them for – yeah, in an uncertain world it’s nice to know that we can still count on Blaze & co to save our miserable asses!

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