WOLFUNERAL “Reign Of Decadence”

“Reign Of Decadence”
If this isn’t black metal then I don’t know what it is. What else could it be with a name like that; WOLFUNERAL. This one is new to me but I’ve checked them out on the net and it feels like I’m going to enjoy this album. And black metal this is. A long time ago I found a fave Italian black metal band in Handful Of Hate. It is too early to say if this one will leave the same lasting impression on me as HoH did but I can already now tell that this is the kind of primitive basic black metal that I like and have ever since Bathory’s “The Return”. And while not as primitive as that album this is pretty much as primitive as it can get before it becomes a bore. I’m a huge fan of the repetitiveness of keeping it simple. Sure there are interludes where a keyboard is heard but basically this is full-on-open-throttle-keep-repeating-black metal that keeps me happy for a while. Cool! Anders Ekdahl

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