Wolves At The Gate – “VxV”


Wolves At The Gate – “VxV” (Solid State Records)

Hot off the foot from their acclaimed debut and 2 prior EPs comes “VxV”, the sophomore from Christian post hardcore band Wolves At The Gate. Aside from the lyrics that talk about the gospel and various preachy sound bytes throughout the album there isn’t anything really happy-clappy about the band, so anyone with a love of post hardcore can still get into the music which is well worth its measure given how heavy it is both sound wise as well as emotively! Mixing the clean vocals of founder Steve Cobucci with Nick Detty’s raw screams it’s the same with the guitar work blending soothing melodies n heartfelt soloing amidst massive walls of shredding noise backed by Dylan Baxter’s smashing drums and heavy strummed bass lines from Ben Summers. Together they produce a vicious, scything mix sweeping all asunder as if smitten by God himself. Now a staple in the Solid State Records roster, the band has toured with the likes of Emery, A Skylit Drive, Unearth, Born Of Osiris, Fit For A King, and Gideon, growing an extremely loyal fan base who clearly relate to their highly charged delivery and impassioned faith. Christian or not, you may not share the beliefs of Wolves At The Gate, but put that aside and you will hear one of the finest and most intense post hardcore bands on this Earth today.

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