Wombbath – “Downfall Rising”


Wombbath – “Downfall Rising” (Pulverised Records)

Hail to Swe-death! Formed in the early 90s when that molten phase of creativity in death metal was spurning many bands that would later become legends, Wombbath too were beginning to take shape, albeit under a different name and with a long since defunct line up that would in the course of time include In Thy Dreams six-stringer Håkan Stuvemark, who after 22 years has decided to resurrect the band! Having released their debut “Lavatory” in 1994 under Napalm Records, the band ironically split although Stuvemark remains resilient even after such a long time, taking us right back to the days of original HM-2 stench throughout the entire record. With no less than 2 bass players adding monstrous crunching lines, Jonny Pettersson’s growling, guttural vocals sets the perfect tone for the filthy, distorted twin guitars of Stuvemark and fellow chainsawer Al Riglin as they shred, riff and deliver sick solos time after time on songs like ‘Paid In Blood’, ‘Fall Of The Weak’ and ‘I Am The Abyss’. With Henrik Åberg’s pummeling drum work completing the mayhemic return to fine form of these cultsters, Wombbath are definitely set to get it right second time round!

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