WÖMIT ANGEL “Sodomatik Rites Of I.N.R.I”

“Sodomatik Rites Of I.N.R.I”
Don’t know why but I somehow get an Impiety/Barathum feeling about this band. That this is going to be thrash metal with a great deal of death and blackness to balance out serious side of things. Not that it’s going to be ludicrous in the Lawnmower Deth school but more fun in a party kind of sense (if you can imagine that when it comes to extreme metal). And I was right. This is primitive and raw blackish thrash metal done the basic way. This is kinda like hearing the first two Bathory albums done 30 years later. This album falls in the same category as Canadian Blasphemy, American Profanatica and a handful of other bands that has that simple yet effective way of bashing us over the head with their metal. You could also claim that this is South American in that 80s spirit of Sarcofago. This one turned out to be more enjoyable than I had expected. Anders Ekdahl

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