Words Of Farewell – “The Black Wild Yonder”


Words Of Farewell – “The Black Wild Yonder” (AFM Records)

Despite coming from the heart of Germany’s industrial Ruhr region, these guys play a tremendously uplifting form of progressive death metal despite their melancholic name! While Alex Otto’s vocals growl and Tristan Wegner pounds his drums, guitarists Erik Gaßmus and Henrik Tschierschky compose beautifully emotional melodies, executing them amidst delivering alternating power DM riffs and suave, futuristic rhythms. With Leo Wichmann’s keyboards bolstering their sound even further with delicate ambiance and surrounding atmospherics, songs like ‘Luminary Ghost’, ‘Beauty In Passing’ and ‘In Kingdoms Of Rain’ have a real air of class and sophistication based on their cerebral composition and technical delivery. Considering this young band were only formed in 2007, this second album shows great maturity and musical refinement in bridging the gap between progressive and aggressive metal styles by bringing them together into one great sound – sacrilege to some no doubt, while heralding a brave new world to others!

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