WORMHOLE “The String Theory”

“The String Theory”
I like music that challenges my senses as well as music that is only pure enjoyment without having to think too hard. Italian Wormhole might have the wrong name for the style of music that they play. Because if you’re expecting a death metal band then you might as well stop reading now. This is more in the goth metal end of the spectre. But still not totally goth. There is a roughness to this that isn’t anything close to goth’s shiny exterior. And for that alone Wormhole stand miles apart from most other bands. Which also contributes to me liking this a little bit more. Another contributing factor is the emotional side to this album. I like it when bands like Within Temptation or Lacuna Coil gets all emotional on record. That brings out a side to me that I very seldom get acquainted with. Wormhole proved to be a very positive surprise. This one I’ll treasure for a long time. Anders Ekdahl

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