WORMWITCH ”Strike Mortal Soil”

”Strike Mortal Soil”
(Prosphetic Records)

Battle Helm Rating

There are bands that I just from the name expect great things from. Yeah, I know. Never judge a band by its name but hey, with a name like WORMWITCH what can go wrong? They just gotta be tough and harsh and bloody great, won’t they? And that is pretty much all that I demand from my extreme metal. I didn’t know that WORMWITCh are Canadian when I picked this one to review but that opens up so many new angles. What struck me at first is how much this make me think of Satyricon as well as old Canadian greats like Infernal Majesty as well as Entombed around “Wolverine Blues”. And yet not sounding like any of these three bands. And while not being the dsbm or atmospheric black metal that I kinda hoped for when I saw the art work this one turned out to be really cool in all its charm. Anders Ekdahl

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