WORMWOOD ”Ghostlands – Wounds From A bleeding Earth”

”Ghostlands – Wounds From A bleeding Earth”
(Non Serviam)

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Sweden keeps invading the world with metal bands of all the walks. This is a band that I have no prior relation to but seeing how they have been written up I won’t be any worse than jumping on that train. If it ain’t my cup of java I can always get off at the next stop. Whenever I hear this kinda melodic black metal sound it often makes me think of a Marilyn Manson gone black metal. It is very accessible and easy to listen to. It takes you straight from A to B. I know that melodic black metal is an oxymoron but this is exactly that. And it works. I find myself enjoying this. Not that I am usually anti melodic black metal. I enjoy all kinds of black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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