WOUND COLLECTOR “Eternal Bloodcult”

“Eternal Bloodcult”
(Profane Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I had totally forgotten about this bands trademark until I put this album on and it immediately appeared. This band has a saxophone player. No, it is not a jazz band or a dance hall band. This is a death metal band. I can without exaggerating say that I am not a great fan of the saxophone in any sort of music. But in a death metal band? I have tried listening to this and I gotta say that I am divided. On the one hand I like the music. The death metal that they play is pretty cool. But then there is the saxophone. When the sax takes on the role of the guitar and does all the solos it all goes a bit pear shaped for me. I have a hard time with the contrast between the sax and death metal. Perhaps it just needs some getting used to. Anders Ekdahl

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