Woven Man – “Revelry (In Our Arms)”

Woven Man – “Revelry (In Our Arms)” (Undergroove) 
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Formed by Acrimony’s guitarist Lee ‘Roy’ Davies (and formerly of power-violence crew Black Eye Riot and riff monsters Lifer), Woven Man is low driven pagan heavy rock with elements of doom, sludge and stoner. Heavily influenced by Welsh culture and films like “The Wicker Man”, this debut mini album actually begins with a nod to Acrimony in opener ‘Calling Down The Leaves’, which is follow on from ‘Leaves Of Mellow Grace’, both of which are inspired by Davies’s village of Tirydail. Both are similar sound wise in having dirty syrup stoner riffs although the tempo here is much faster with rawer guitars and double bass pedalling! Warbling in with a heavy but catchy stoner groove and hoarse vocals on ‘With Willow’, the sound is so thick that it borders on sludge levels although the tempo remains upbeat, adding to the energy and excitement of the material here as the echoing chorus laced with harmonies and subtle wah definitely adds to the pagan Welsh atmosphere that is exuded as a whole across “Revelry (In Our Arms)”. Ending with ‘Of Sky And Land’, the smog heavy riffs don’t come any denser and when the hoarse vocals and smashing drums come in to culminate in an amazing pagan chorus the revelry couldn’t be any more magical as the trance inducement of trippy vocals, wild screams and chanting harmonies finally devours your mind. A highly recommended release amply befitting the rich legacy of the former Acrimony axe man!
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