Wrathrone – “Born Beneath”


Wrathrone – “Born Beneath” (Inverse Records)

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Wrathrone have been lurking in Finland’s death metal underground since 2008, but it wasn’t until 2013 when their EP “Left Unburied” came out that the band started touring heavily with increased gigs around the Baltics and even Germany. With “Born Beneath”, the band are taking things to an even higher level and the use of some high grade production really allows the talent and aggression of this band to shine! Although death metal in the main, Wrathrone take and mix their influences from both the old and new schools, as well as drawing in a range of other styles from melodic death to more eclectic influences from the likes of Opeth and old Amorphis. In some cases it’s not quite as evident as you might think which makes for an interesting listen as you try to discern the more subtle aspects of the 8 tracks in “Born Beneath”. Matti Vehmas has one of these roaring guttural vocals so little surprise that old Cannibal Corpse immediately spring to mind – especially with the agonizing intro – on ‘Blunt Blade Birth’ but on ‘Age Of Decadence’ the band stylishly mix Obituary’s cool death metal groove with some eclectic melodies a la Amorphis, so full marks to guitarists Lauri Holm and Vili Mäkinen! The production is bottom end driven so don’t be surprised to hear P. Wärri’s bass and Mikael Ruoho’s drums very prominent in the mix especially on ‘Sea Of Sickness’ which is very In Flames sounding especially from back in their classic days while on the endgame of ‘Carnal Lust’ they mix some black metal screamo and blast beats into squealing guitars and a chopping rhythm. Best of all it all sounds natural and perfect for the stage, with really tight musicianship and plenty of energy to definitely induce a night of some seriously violent headbanging ha ha! 

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