WRATHRONE “Eve Of Infliction”

“Eve Of Infliction”
(Grand Dane Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band that is not new to me. I have reviewed and interviewed them in the past. With every release I have heard from them I have liked what I heard. I see no reason to change my mind with this new release. These Finns continue with their old school Swedish death metal. But it is not only good old Swedish death metal I hear in their sound. I get vibes of anything old, like a bit Repulsion, some Autopsy as well as some older Finnish death metal. you can always argue if looking back really is looking forward but to my ears this is good stuff. It doesn’t matter if it is of yesteryears or if it is of the present. Good stuff is good stuff no matter what age it is. And this is good stuff top my ears. It is the stuff that makes me headbang and growl along to it to such an extent that my neighbours are about to call the blue bus. Anders Ekdahl

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