Wrong – “Feel Great”

Wrong – “Feel Great” (Relapse Records) 

Battle Helm Rating

Oh man, if you live for the chopping riffs of Helmet, then you’re gonna die for this one! Looking like 4 professors from the University of Miami, these dudes play a mean ass version of Page Hamilton’s pioneering style of offbeat tempo changing raw riff mania that will have fans indeed ‘feeling great’ while others will be driven to nausea ha ha. While Hamilton employed clean vocals and a straight up guitar sound, Wrong have a trippier style to their vox, dirtier guitars and a somewhat greater use of noise and droning feedback. In many ways they’re like a grunge version of Helmet – if you can believe that – but the ensuing fit of what might rightfully be perceived to be conflicting styles does actually work! Formed just 4 years ago from bands like Torche and Kylesa, Wrong have already released their debut and toured with the likes of Black Tusk. Their garage sound works a treat on the 11 songs making up this sophomore, with all the instruments right up in your face just as if the band were hammering away right in front of you! It’s abundantly clear from the massive rolling riffs making up ‘Culminate’,  as Eric Hernandez’s dry vocals add the variety to the music surreptitiously soaking into your skin as Rick Haft’s insane solos whittle their way into you. On their longest track – at just under 5 mins on ‘Anaerobic’ – the thudding power drums of Derrick Flanagin hammer possessing beats into your mind as the riffing intensity reaches almost frenzied jamming proportions. Still, it’s all not without melody and on ‘Gape’ the grunge bliss definitely makes its presence felt beautifully despite the background noise – quite marvellous if I might say so. Self produced, Wrong have definitely done a righteous job here in bringing together two styles remarkably well, leaving me feeling hungry for more of their gumption!

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