WUCAN “Sow The Wind”

“Sow The Wind”
(Hänsel Und Gretel Records)
I love music from the 70s (yeah I love all kind of music) but I can’t stand the music in German movies from that era. For some reason it seems so bloody cheesy. I am not saying that the music in Swedish movies is any better. For some strange reason it seems that all the cool music didn’t make it to the soundtracks, or perhaps I am watching the really cheesy movies. WUCAN are like a blast from the 70s, the 70s the way they think it sounded like. But I am not one to complain. This is some pretty cool, they have that cool early Fleetwood Mac bluesy sound mixed with the heaviness of early Black Sabbath and a bit Jethro Tull. This rocks my world. Anders Ekdahl

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