Wykked Wytch – “The Ultimate Deception”

Wykked Wytch – “The Ultimate Deception” (Goomba Music)

Holy crap – is the possessed devil kid on the front cover a childhood foto of vocalist Ipek? If you thought that Holy Moses Sabina Classen was ball buster, then hold out for Turkish American Ipek, who will probably fist your ass to kingdom come LOL! Her band Wykked Wytch have been around since the mid 90s and have gone thru many incarnations, from thrashers to Cradle Of Filth extreme metal to Floridian death metal to blackend gothic metal, and not to mention, a plethora of personnel and varying imagery! On the “The Ultimate Deception” (hope there’s nothing in the title – Ed) it’s almost as if Ipek has gone for an amalgamation of all the aforementioned styles i.e. blackened technical death with hyper speed technical drumming, hammering riffola and Morbid Angelesque dervish melodies on blurring songs like ‘Serpents Among Us’ and ‘Prayers Of The Decapitated’ – as well as a screaming cover of Metallica’s classic ballad ‘Fade To Black’. Ipek’s voice is unquestionable in both it’s power and tremendous range, from clean to cat screeching to cookie monster – but thankfully clearly feminine rather than trying to be a guy – but Wykked Wytch’s weak point is the lack of original sound, and that is ultimately what sets apart even the most die hard fans who wannabe onstage from the legends who grace those hallowed boards.

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