WYKKED WYTCH “The Ultimate Deception”

“The Ultimate Deception”
(Goomba Music)
Wykked Wytch might not have gotten the easiest of starts in life but they’ve proven resilient and are still at it and on their fifth album. I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed by Wykked Wytch on that first album back in 2000. But for every new album I’ve been turned around little by little to where I am now; really appreciating the extreme metal of Wykked Wytch. There is a symphonic black metal feeling to this as well as indications of other extreme metal sub-genres. If you have no problems with extreme metal that is not just this or that but like your music diverse and aren’t familiar with Wykked Wytch before then you might want to check out “The Ultimate Deception”. If you like me have a history with the band then you’ll be glad to know that this is just as good as the previous album. This is just as extreme as you’re used to. No weakening here. Anders Ekdahl

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