X-PLICIT “Like A Snake”

“Like A Snake”
(Sneakout Records/Burning Minds Music Group)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not a huge fan of glam/sleaze. I blame Poison and MTV for that. had we not been blasted by the tackiness of that sorta bands in the 80s I might have continued investigate that side of hardrock/metal too. But I didn’t. And I kinda have to pay the price for it now whenever a sleaze album comes along. I have no references for it. All I can go on is if I like it or not. Which really is all that matters. A good album is a good album no matter what style it is. And this album by X-plicit doesn’t want me to turn it off. In fact I sit here and enjoy it. And as with hardrock I have no idea if this is old school or modern sounding. To my ears this sounds old school with a modern production. I like it. Anders Ekdahl

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