(Atomic Stuff)
There was a time when I was young that I wished I had X-ray specs. That I could look through the girls clothes. What young boy hasn’t wished for that? But living an X RAY LIFE? I’m not too sure about that one though. It must be tough to always see through people all day long. To get to know their most inner secrets. This made me think of a more hardrocky The Hellacopters or any other Swedish band in that same style like Sator or The Hives. Perhaps not as direct as those bands but still with the same attack. And seeing as I’m a huge fan of The Hellacopters I like this too. This is the type of feel-good music I like to listen to on an off day. It puts a smile to my face. And that is what music should be able to do. Cool. Anders Ekdahl

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