Xandria – “Neverworld’s End”

Xandria – “Neverworld’s End” (Napalm Records)

If you can’t beat ’em, then bloody well join ’em! German symphonic femme rock band Xandria have always walked in Nightwish’s shadow, but with the Finns taking a more progressive approach these days, Xandria have doubled back to classic Tarja Turunen era Nightwish on songs like ‘Forevermore’ that will probably scoop them up a barrel loada fans. After going thru a number of female vocalists, new gal Manuela Kraller seems to be the full package capably handling both the softer soprano style like on ‘Euphoria’ or the more goth opera of ‘The Lost Elysian’ or just out rightly symphonic like on ‘Cursed’ – makes me wonder what Nightwish might’ve sounded like with her instead LOL! It may have been 5 long years since we last heard Xandria, but they have returned with a vengeance on this album – and an able bodied babe to boot!

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