XENOCIDE “Galactic Oppression”

“Galactic Oppression”
You might have read the interview I did with the band. Here’s that promised debut album. Al I had previously was a sneak preview. Now with the whole album it’ll be a whole lot easier to get a clear picture of what they are all about. This is heavy the way Cannibal Corpse are heavy while not even being close to CC in any way. But there is that death metal touch to this album. No melodeath or even tendencies towards melodic death metal. Just plain old heavy death metal. There is a technical side to it that makes for a Death/Suffocation crossover appeal. This turned out much heavier than I had expected. It makes for a change from all the melodeath (that I like too) that comes my way. It’s nice to be blown away by some hard death metal every now and then. Anders Ekdahl

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