XENOSIS “Of Chaos And Turmoil”

“Of Chaos And Turmoil”
It might all have started with a way to describe a guitar sound but now Djent has turned into a sub-genre all its own within this great tree that is metal. Blame it all on Meshuggah if you like but you can’t deny the impact this Swedish band has had on a world of kids. Don’t know how much djent this British lot is but I get a feeling that they’ve lent Meshuggah an ear or two in between listening to intricate death metal like late Death or prog metal like Watchtower. If there ever is such a thing as prog death then XENOSIS are just that. Not that I disapprove. I really like this album simply because it isn’t too fancy pansy or goes over my head completely. This turned out a fun little gem. Anders Ekdahl

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